Smiles Change Lives!

Smiles Change Lives Cincinnati OHSmiles can change lives. For proof…you only need to talk to several people who have gone through orthodontic treatment. A healthy perfect smile is why many children and adults choose to undergo orthodontic treatment. Around friends and family, a less than attractive smile is not as noticeable. However, when meeting new people, making new friends, and in the workplace, your smile is more obvious to those who don’t know you.

When speaking one on one with others, a beautiful smile improves your appearance and increases confidence to better influence personal relationships. Undergoing orthodontic treatment is one of the best decisions you will make for yourself and family.

At Northeast Orthodontic Specialists, we create beautiful smiles to last a lifetime. We will discuss the different treatment options available to meet your personalized needs. Both adults and children are evaluated the same way and treatment varies depending on the condition of the teeth and skeletal alignment. Treatment time can run as short as nine months or as long as three years depending upon the individual problem. An orthodontist, who is trained in tooth movement and skeletal jaw development, is your best option and most skilled dental profession to achieve that perfect smile.

How do you describe your smile? Radiant, bright, stunning, expressive, confident?  If none of these words describe your smile, we offer the solution.  At Northeast Orthodontic Specialists we believe that every smile deserves to glow for patients of all ages.

Dr Weber and his team are dedicated to working with their patients and families to create beautiful smiles that last a lifetime!  Northeast Orthodontics has been providing quality orthodontic care in the Cincinnati OH area for over 25 years.  His experience speaks for itself with an established reputation as an orthodontic expert in community.

Contact our office in Cincinnati or Loveland OH for a complimentary evaluation, not matter what your age, and get ready to start smiling.

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