Adolescent and Adult Orthodontic Care

Ideally, orthodontic examinations should begin at 7 years of age to determine if early intervention would be beneficial. By the time children are tweens and teens, they have usually lost all their baby teeth, permanent teeth have mostly come in, and their jaws are developed enough to sustain orthodontic treatment. While there’s no age limit on adult orthodontic treatment, other dental concerns may need to be resolved before braces or an appliance can be fitted. Anyone who desires a straighter, more aligned smile can benefit from orthodontics.

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At Northeast Orthodontic Specialists, both our Cincinnati and Loveland offices offer several orthodontic treatments for adolescents and adults, including:

A Common Goal for Adolescents and Adults

Concerns such as overbite, crossbite, or jaw alignment problems don’t resolve on their own. Thankfully, because their jaws are still growing, orthodontic care can help modify or improve the way the child’s mouth is forming to resolve or prevent these concerns. For adults, whose jaws have stopped growing, treatment is still possible but may take longer than it would for a child or adolescent. While circumstances and benefits of orthodontics may differ by age, the result—a beautifully aligned smile—is universal.

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Benefits for Adolescents

  • Prevent difficulty in eating and speaking
  • Promote good oral hygiene
  • Alleviate pain or discomfort from overcrowded teeth, teeth shifting, or a misaligned jaw
  • Boost confidence in appearance
  • Create a foundation for successful oral health for a lifetime

Benefits for Adults

  • Align the teeth to create a more aesthetic and beautiful smile
  • Correct relapse after previous orthodontic treatment due to lack of long-term retainer wear
  • Reduce excessive wear on the teeth due to grinding or poor bite
  • Relieve mouth and jaw pain
  • Create a foundation for successful oral health for a lifetime
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Orthodontic Care for All in Cincinnati and Loveland

Regardless of age, be it teen, tween, Gen X, or Baby Boomer, undergoing orthodontic treatment can improve each patient’s quality of life for years to come.